Spiritual Disciplines

Table below provides list of terms generally associated with spiritual disciplines - and then provides a list of well-respected thought leaders and indicates whether the term appears in their teachings or books concerning spiritual discipline.

Discipline Classic Dallas Willard Charles R. Swindoll Richard J. Foster John Ortberg
So, You Want…* Celebration of…* Life You've…*
Celebration X X X X
Chastity X
Confession X X X X
Fasting X X X
Fellowship X X
Frugality X
Guidance X
Humility X
Intimacy X
Meditation X
Prayer X X X X X
Reflection X
Sacrifice X X X
Secrecy X X
Self-Control X
Servanthood X
Service X X X
Silence X X X
Simplicity X X
Slowing X
Solitude X X X X
Study X X X
Submission X X X
Surrender X
Worship X X X
  • Charles R. Swindoll - So, You Want to be Like Christ, Thomas Nelson, Nashville, TN. 2005.
  • Richard J. Foster - Celebration of Discipline, Harper, San Francisco, CA. 1978.
  • John Ortberg - The Life You've Always Wanted, Zondervan, 1997.
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